Meet Summit Sales' Newest Team Member - Colin Trettel

We are excited welcome Colin aboard as our Sales Rep for Idaho and Montana. He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for the outdoors that will be a huge asset to our team and our retail partners. Get to know Colin a little bit better in the interview below.


Name : Colin Trettel

Where are you from? I grew up in a military family so I moved around a lot, but when asked, I say York, PA.

What were you doing prior to joining Summit Sales?

I was guiding for a backcountry cat-skiing operation, Powder Addiction, on the Front Range of Colorado.

Outside of work, what is your activity of choice?

Depending on the season, I'm either skiing or climbing. I enjoy all types of snow (you have to ski the bad days to appreciated the good) and long multi-pitch alpine climbs.

Favorite snack to eat while playing in the outdoors?

That one’s a toss-up between a salami stick and cheese, or peanut butter M&M's.

Any upcoming adventures?

Nothing solidified for extended trips, just a “weekend warrior” schedule exploring a new location and new mountain range. Hopefully a long alpine route in the Enchantments or North Cascades


SCARPA Spring 2019 Highlights

scarpa small.jpg

SCARPA Spring 2019 Highlights

From SCARPA’s humble beginnings in northern Italy to their expansive current line of fine-tuned footwear for skiers, climbers, hikers and runners, SCARPA has spent the last 80 years dedicated to creating innovative and well-crafted mountain footwear. This dedication to innovation continues for Spring 2019 as SCARPA enters their 81st year with both updated classics and brand new designs. From cutting edge rock shoe models, to modern innovations in trail products, this spring season represents everything SCARPA has learned in their 80 plus year history.

Vapor V

Scarpa Vapor V - Facebook.jpg

The SCARPA Vapor V, a best-selling classic, was redesigned this season to be better than before. The Vapor V’s performance and comfort focused design is improved upon with a soft, micro-fiber upper and an improved Bi-Tension active rand for premium fit and performance. The Vapor V’s down-turned design allows them to excel on overhung routes, and they are supportive enough for long vertical pitches. The Vapor V is also supportive and comfortable in thin cracks and is designed to handle anything from long multi-pitch routes, to rainy days spent at the gym.


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The all-new M’s & W’s Arpia from SCARPA is designed for those looking to transition from a traditional flat last to a performance fit. The Arpia features mild asymmetry and a moderate down-turn for performance without the compression of a more specialized shoe. They are perfect for the climber that doesn’t need the power of a highly aggressive shoe, but wants greater performance than what is offered in a flat-lasted shoe. The Arpia is the perfect in-between shoes that many climbers have been waiting for.

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Spin Ultra

The new SCARPA Spin Ultra has already won two highly-coveted awards for it’s innovative design and unparalleled feature set. The Spin Ultra is a lightweight alpine running shoe weighing in at only 9.2 ounces (for ½ pair, size 42) with ample cushion, protection, and stability. The unique sock-fit construction ensures an ideal fit and comfortable for the hours spent on the trail. This makes the Spin Ultra a premium trail running shoes for everything from moderate runs to ultra-distance races.

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The new SCARPA ZG Trek GTX is a perfect example of SCARPA’s heritage, innovation, and craftsmanship. The ZG Trek GTX provides nimble comfort and durable support in a lightweight, waterproof boot. This boot is designed for moving quickly with a full pack.

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The Third Annual PNW Osprey Event Recap - Intro to Backpacking

Summit Sales’ Osprey event series is a success for the third year in a row.

We had the opportunity to partner with 10 retailers throughout the PNW to host an “Intro to Backpacking” event series with Osprey. We met some great people, and heard some funny stories as we all came together and talked about backpacking. Every time we head out into the backcountry we learn something new. Whether it’s something big like making sure you have a comfortable pack, or something small like brushing your teeth while you hike to save time. All of us are constantly dialing in our kits as we learn new things.

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in our 2019 Osprey Intro to Backpacking event series. Here are some of our favorite pictures from the event. We hope to see you at the next event!

Osprey Spring 19 Highlights


Osprey Spring 2019 Highlights

Spring is in the air, which means one thing: time to gear up. For Spring 2019, Osprey has created a full quiver of offerings to meet every trail enthusiast’s needs, no matter their experience level or activity. Osprey’s packs this season introduce new backpacking, hiking, and mountain biking packs with features, fit, and function that anyone can appreciate. See below for more details and reviews on these new packs!

Rook | Renn

Photo: Dan Holz & Osprey

The new Osprey Rook & Renn Series is simple, lightweight, and durable featuring a new adjustment system and integrated raincover. The perfect entry point to Osprey. The Rook & Renn Series provides quality carry, ventilation and the right features that backpackers will never second guess no matter their experience level. Starting at $155.

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Manta | Mira

Photo: Dan Holz & Osprey

Photo: Dan Holz & Osprey

The updated Manta & Mira are a premium-performance hike/hydration packs offering a stable, comfortable carry through their highly ventilated design and torso-adjustable fit. The updated Manta/Mira come in a single frame size with a fully adjustable AirSpeed suspension backpanel plus it features and included Osprey Hydraulics Lt 2.5L reservoir.

Learn more about the updates to Manta and Mira on Osprey’s website:

Siskin | Salida

Photo: Dan Holz & Osprey

For Spring 2019, Osprey has gone all in like never before with a comprehensive collection of ventilated mountain bike hydration packs. To add to the flagship Rapor/Raven and Syncro/Sylva series, Osprey released the new Siskin/Salida for Spring 2019. The Siskin/Salida series are slim, high-performing mountain bike packs that provide stability and comfort on every trail. With the included Osprey Hydraulics LT 2.5L reservoir, variable helmet carry, and mountain bike-focused features, the Siskin/Salida are the mountain bike category crusher.

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GoLite ReGreen Windshell Wins a Backpackers Editor's Choice Green Award

Men’s and Women’s GoLite ReGreen Windshell is designed with movement in mind.

Men’s and Women’s GoLite ReGreen Windshell is designed with movement in mind.

What started as 20 green plastic bottles is now an award-winning jacket. The GoLite ReGreen Windshell was the winner of a Backpacker® Editors ' Choice Green Award and an Outdoor Industry Innovation Award for sustainability this year. With their relaunch taking place this March, GoLite is changing the way the industry thinks about sustainability in performance clothing. The ReGreen Windshell is unique because it is made from 100% recycled polyester from exclusively green plastic bottles. Recycling green bottles is difficult because of the dye used to color them. Even though people are recycling their green plastic bottles, most of them do not get reused because of the effort it takes to remove the green color. Sounds like a problem, right? GoLite thought so too. They’ve partnered with a recycling organization in Taiwan (Da.Ai) who gather the green bottles out of landfills and the ocean to be re-purposed. In order to reduce water consumption and eliminate the use of hazardous dyes during production, GoLite embraces the green color of the plastic bottles and digitally prints over top of it. 

Plastic bottles used to make the ReGreen Windshell

Plastic bottles used to make the ReGreen Windshell

GoLite took the sustainability of this piece even further by implementing the use of fluorocarbon-free, biodegradable DWR coating. The innovation and functionality of this piece by GoLite is helping set a new standard for sustainability in our industry and helping to preserve our planet. This high-functioning wind shell is designed to be light on path, and on the planet.

Learn how GoLite is converting these post-consumer bottles into clothing.

Learn more about GoLite here

Meet Summit Sales' Newest Team Member - Adam Bridier

We are excited welcome Adam aboard as our new marketing and events coordinator. He brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm that will be a huge asset to our team and our retail partners. Get to know Adam a little bit better in the interview below.


Name : Adam Bridier

Where are you from?  Chicago, IL

What were you doing prior to joining Summit Sales?

Sales Manager at Erehwon Mountain Outfitters and working on my Masters in marketing

Outside of work, what is your activity of choice?

If I had to pick just one, my activity of choice outside of work would be rock climbing.

Favorite snack to eat while playing in the outdoors?

Snickers bar. It’s basically a cliff bar, right?

Any upcoming adventures?

Any upcoming adventures?  I have my first wedding anniversary with my wife on Earth Day in April, and we are planning to spend some time relaxing and playing in the mountains of Oregon.