Summit Sales NW Team Climbing Day

With the recent bout of sunshine that the PNW has delivered we thought it best to do some SCARPA rock shoe product testing out at Index, WA. With climbing gear packed in our Osprey packs and fully-loaded cooler carrying duties distributed among the team, we trudged up the hill to the crag. Our resident guide, Andy, picked out all the routes and was our rope gun extraordinaire (thanks for taking it easy on us Andy!). 

We re-realized a few things today :

1. Washington sure is a rad place.

2. Climbing at Index is both really fun and really hard. 

3. It's important to escape from behind a computer screen from time to time. 

4. Someone needs to invent an all-terrain cooler with pneumatic wheels and a high wheel chassis. 

The day finished with high-fives, milkshakes and burgers at Alpen Village Drive-In. A solid day all around. 

Carmi SchulmanComment