Summit Sales Micro-Adventure Day | The Tooth

We are fortunate to have mountains right in our backyard that some people only get to see in their Instagram feeds. We do not take this nature access for granted and it is something we try and try to take advantage of as much as possible. So about 2 months ago we locked down the date in the company calendar for a little team micro-adventure. 

A micro-adventure can take shape in many ways. It can be anything from a  quick overnight backpacking trip to rallying after work to your favorite local fly fishing spot. The goal of them remains the same: to remove yourself from the daily norm and provide an outlet to do a little exploring. 

The game plan ended up being that we would make our way to climb a classic PNW climb called The Tooth. We would then bivy down near Source Lake and then make our way back out early in the morning to head into the office. 

 With Andy, our official office guide, at the helm we were able to make quick work of the climb (as quick as you can anyway with a 5 person team).We then did a little boulder hopping in the dark to get back to the trail. Unsure what to expect in regards to camp spots we were stoked to find a perfectly flat section in an open meadow to rest our Therm-a-Rest pads. Freeze dried meals were eaten, whiskey was drunk and stories were told. With an early morning rise and a few cups of coffee in our system, we were back at the office ready to take on the day. Even though the trip was less than 24 hours we all came away with an expanded appreciation for the awesome places we have the privilege to explore. Here's to the next micro-adventure! 

Below is a quick image recap from the trip captured by team members Justin and Andy. 

Carmi SchulmanComment