The Essentials for Backcountry Skiing 2018 Retailer Tour

We recently wrapped up our 2018 retailer Essentials for Backcountry Skiing tour sponsored by G3 and SCARPA. This year included 10 stops spread across Washington, Oregon, and Montana. During the event, we had the chance to educate newer backcountry skiers on some of the differences between boots, bindings, skis and skins options. We also included a component about other safety gear and required avy education. Most importantly, we were able to raise over $3k collectively for various non-profits of our retailer’s choosing. A special thanks to all our retailer partners for giving us the opportunity to showcase some SCARPA and G3 product to your customers. Now, all we need is a little snow so we can get out and do some skiing!

Carmi SchulmanComment