GoAid™ and GoResponsibly™

Photo Credit : GoLite

Photo Credit : GoLite

We were excited at the opportunity to work with GoLite® for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons was to help support the work they are doing on the humanitarian and sustainability front. This will all stem from their GoAid™ and GoResponsibly™ programs. In this blog post, we will go into a deeper dive of these two integral components to the new GoLite®.



“The shirts that we are most proud of are the ones we give away”

GoAid™ is one of the main driving forces behind GoLite. It was born from the inspiration to go beyond just making great products and fully integrate humanitarian initiatives directly into the business model. In collaboration with leading International relief organizations, GoLite is utilizing company resources to manufacture and distribute medical uniforms and to jumpstart micro-enterprise programs that empower and protect local communities across the globe. GoLite officially launches spring 2019, however the brand has already donated 14,000 GoLite manufactured uniforms to Medical Teams International health workers as they care for hundreds of thousands of refugees in Uganda. Uganda is the first of many GoAid™ programs.


“The best way to recycle plastic bottles is to wear them”

Equally integral to the GoLite brand is its GoResponsibly™ commitment to utilizing the latest sustainable fibers, finishes and manufacturing processes throughout the line, while simultaneously working to develop new solutions. Core earth-friendly launch collections include the GoLite Re and ReGreen assortments made with Tzu Chi-Certified PET. Over 80% of the introductory GoLite product is developed from environmentally preferred, recycled and low energy production materials and processes.

Tzu Chi Partnership

“Tzu Chi acts on the premise that we can protect the environment by the choices we make and our behavior as individuals.”

Tzu Chi, China’s largest recycler, is working with GoLite to help integrate leading recycled fabrics and processes into the collection. Learn more about their heart for recycling and what makes their process special. 

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