Meet Summit Sales' Newest Team Member - Adam Bridier

We are excited welcome Adam aboard as our new marketing and events coordinator. He brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm that will be a huge asset to our team and our retail partners. Get to know Adam a little bit better in the interview below.


Name : Adam Bridier

Where are you from?  Chicago, IL

What were you doing prior to joining Summit Sales?

Sales Manager at Erehwon Mountain Outfitters and working on my Masters in marketing

Outside of work, what is your activity of choice?

If I had to pick just one, my activity of choice outside of work would be rock climbing.

Favorite snack to eat while playing in the outdoors?

Snickers bar. It’s basically a cliff bar, right?

Any upcoming adventures?

Any upcoming adventures?  I have my first wedding anniversary with my wife on Earth Day in April, and we are planning to spend some time relaxing and playing in the mountains of Oregon.

Carmi SchulmanComment