Our Newest Vendor Partner : GoLite®

Photo Credit : GoLite

Photo Credit : GoLite

At Summit Sales NW, we believe in a few key things :

·       Developing long-term relationships with retailers

·       Collaborating with brands that share our passions for the outdoors

·       Selling and marketing products that we truly believe in

We keep those things in mind with every decision that we make, especially when it comes to representing new brands. With that, we are excited to introduce our newest partnership, GoLite®! While the name may sound familiar, the brand has been totally reconstructed from the ground up.

GoLite has been recreated with five key areas of focus they call “Outletics”:

  • Earth-friendly: manufactured with environmentally sustainable methods
  • Lightweight: no need to carry extra weight. With thoughtful design and the best materials, GoLite can create lightweight and durable apparel
  • Active function: gear that is built for your needs
  • Outdoor/athletic fit: gear that fits the way you want it to
  • Systems approach: multi-faceted pieces that work separately and in conjunction with each other
Photo Credit : GoLite

Photo Credit : GoLite

GoAid™ and GoResponsibly™

There was a desire to be more than just a technical apparel company, so the new GoLite will be used as a vehicle for humanitarian and environmental initiatives through their GoAid™ and GoResponsibly™ programs. GoAid will be working with leading international relief organizations to manufacture and distribute medical uniforms. Before they have even sold their first shirt, GoLite has already donated 12,000 uniforms to MedicalTeams International health works. GoAid is also being used to jumpstart micro-enterprise programs by providing excess fabrics to be utilized to help create small businesses. This helps empower local communities across the globe.

GoResponsibly is in the DNA of all our products. This is a commitment to utilizing the latest sustainable fibers, finishes and manufacturing processes throughout the line, while also working to create new solutions. Over 80% of introductory products are developed from environmentally preferred, recycled and low energy production materials and processes. They have also joined a community of influencers, brands ,and organizations who are all looking to find new and better ways to minimize our effect on the planet.

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At the core of GoLite is the concept of minimizing impact. Whether that is thoughtful weight savings for athletic and travel pursuits or making the world a better place by integrating humanitarian and environmental sustainability initiatives directly into the business model. We are looking forward to this new partnership and hope you will join us on this exciting journey.

 GoLite will be available to preview at the WWSRA and OR Trade Show (Venture Out Section) and in our showroom in Seattle. If you are a retailer in the PNW that is interested in scheduling an appointment to preview the line, please contact us here.